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Fellow Ugandans, there's no free lunch! Success, is a product of sweat and hard work, therefore, lets together as Ugandans  join hands fight corruption and participate in the development of the county-People Power,


 ask yourself-what can you do to help Uganda not what it can do for you

Here's an opportunity to do something that will impact your Nation Uganda.

When you see something wrong imposed by your region representative or corruption, do not keep silent speak out.


July 12, 2017      

People Power Org identifies education as a key issue in Uganda


Despite the Ugandan Government’s introduction of Universal Primary Education in 1997 which was designed to offer free education for primary-aged students, the accessibility and quality of public education pose challenges for the majority of Ugandans. It is common to find public school classes with well over one hundred students, very few facilities and demotivated, over-worked teachers. Additionally, due to poor infrastructure and the fact that the government doesn’t provide transportation to and from school, the distance to obtain a free education makes it out of reach for many Ugandan children. For most of the population, the only other option is private schooling.

Private schools do not have government funding and therefore require fees. Although the fees may appear nominal to those in developed countries, many families cannot afford them. Many children remain at home waiting for relatives to scrape up enough money so that they can attend school. Once schooling begins, if children do not show up with the fees on an ongoing basis, they will be sent home until they return with the money. This can result in students who are absent from the educational system for days, weeks, or months. Some parents switch schools every term as they cannot fund the ongoing costs of education for their children. The impact of absenteeism is a disjointed education that lacks the consistency needed for academic performance. Together as a Nation, we have to find a solution.

June 12, 2018

People Power Org/ Agriculture
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has identified ten major challenges to the agricultural sector in Uganda as being low commercial agricultural levels, lack of linkage between research and farmers, low use of fertilizers, low coverage of irrigation, land fragmentation, low level of value addition, high cost of finance, lack of agricultural machinery, vectors and diseases, and poor transport network. More...


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August 12, 2018

People Power Org

Uganda at a Glance

  • Population: 42,862,958 (2017)

  • Per capita income: $1,820

  • Life expectancy at birth: F 64/M 62 years

  • Infant mortality rate: 43/1,000 live births

Sources: World Bank 2018, Uganda
Population Reference Bureau 2018, Uganda

Uganda Top 10 Causes of Death

  1. Neonatal disorders


  3. Malaria

  4. Lower respiratory infections

  5. Tuberculosis

  6. Diarrheal diseases

  7. lschemic heart disease

  8. Congenital defects

  9. Stroke

  10. Road injuries